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female entrepreneurs are underrepresented, underserved and underestimated.


of U.S. businesses are woman-owned, employing more than 9.4M people and generating $1.9T in revenue.



greater ROI was delivered by women-led businesses in 2022, outperforming their male-founded counterparts.



and yet only two percent of the total capital invested in venture-backed startups went to female entrepreneurs in the U.S. in 2022.



of angel investors are now women as a result of the funding disparities in venture capital going to female entrepreneurs.

Despite facing obstacles, women are thriving — launching category-defining businesses, taking on investment roles, and leading the way toward a more equitable future. 
gWen serves as the catalyst for
championing female entrepreneurs
on their entrepreneurial journey. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate growth for women entrepreneurs in the Southeast region by cultivating a founder-to-founder community centered around connections, education, mentorship, reciprocity, and access to funding opportunities.

Our Vision

With a big vision comes a big impact. gWen aims to transform the Southeast into a desirable hub for female entrepreneurs, high-impact investors, and a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

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How you’ll grow with gWen:

Join The Club
Establish your place in the Southeast entrepreneurial ecosystem. gWen members gain exclusive access to events, resources, opportunities, education and, most importantly, each other! Every workshop, roundtable, introduction, Slack discussion, and informal hang is an opportunity to further your success.
Meet Your Heroes
Beyond providing a community of peers, gWen is a gateway to those who will elevate your business to the next level. Members will regularly meet potential investors, mentors, and vetted service providers who are looking to partner with rising stars across industries.
Find Your People
At gWen, we’re not about "selling" to each other — we’re here to support one another through genuine camaraderie. Share advice, expand your network, and make connections with fellow female entrepreneurs that will last a lifetime. Because yes, we’re here to raise capital, close deals, and kick ass… but we’re also here to make friends.

Why Founders Love gWen

Ashlyn Greer
Founder & CEO
"If you’re a female entrepreneur, gWen is the network to know. We’ve made invaluable connections for our business directly from this group (and intros by the women in it), but more than anything it’s about knowing you aren’t alone! You’ll find both peers here that you can relate with in your day to day, and women that are a few steps ahead and willing to help in any way they can to bring you up alongside them. Everything is here — from programming and events, to feedback, learning, and networking."
Kimberly Evans
Founder & CEO
"Connecting with the gWen community has been a wonderful experience.. From the curated panels that address societal issues around the lack of funding for women founders, to empowerment and the amazing upscale events that they hosted. These women have their fingers on the pulse of business development and entrepreneurial growth. I am impressed at the growth of the community and am happy to be connected to this great group of women."
Holliday Shaw
"Being a first-time female founder can be super intimidating. I was lucky to find gWen in the early days when I most needed to see that there are authentic women building successful and impactful businesses, but also--reality check--that being a female founder is really tough. The resources I've tapped into through gWen have drastically accelerated the founder learning curve, but even more critically, this compassionate and supportive community has empowered me to be gritty and bold when it's hardest to be. No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, we can go further together with gWen!"